How to get to SNSPA

The first arrangements

You are responsible for making your own travel arrangements. As soon as you know for sure when you are required to arrive, you should email the Departmental Erasmus Coordinators, and if you need, request to be met by someone at the airport. Support is provided by students’ associations, especially by our partner ESN ASE. If your flight details change you will need to email us as soon as possible.

Important note!
Before any bookings are made, however, careful consideration is needed for issues such as arrival dates, travel insurance and, of course, your passport. As soon as your Erasmus placement has been confirmed, check the expiry date on your passport. It needs to be valid in the run-up to your departure, while you are studying abroad and when you return back to your country. After checking in (or the next day) you are expected to pay a visit to the faculty coordinator and get registered. The Departmental Erasmus Coordinators will provide assistance with your enrolment, information on the Romanian Language Classes and other aspects concerning your stay here.

The SNSPA Erasmus+ Office will take care of the incoming students both from administrative and academic perspective. Before the beginning of the semester, there is an orientation meeting with all the Erasmus students, guiding them through all the procedures. In order to have a better integration of the incoming students, we also try to assign an “Erasmus Buddy”, a Romanian student, usually a former Erasmus student.

When you email the Departmental Erasmus Coordinators, ask them for directions to get to SNSPA easily from your location in Bucharest.