Rector’s speech

The University President’s Message

The National University of Political Studies and Public Administration represents today a guarantee of quality, responsibility, dynamism and openness towards Europe and the world. During the 23 years since its setting up, SNSPA has fulfilled its major aim – that of training Romania’s new political and administrative elite. Our institution takes pride in its famous graduates, who have been deciding on Romania’s development. Many of them are role models for the new generations – one reason being the policy promoted by SNSPA, which ensures the dialogue among generations.

Nationally, the rank and the prestige of SNSPA are indisputable. Currently, our major activities focus on consolidating the regional and European position of SNSPA, on turning SNSPA into a European school of governance, which should contribute to making the Romanian society a European one. It is our vision is that by 2020 SNSPA will have consolidated its position as a high profile school of governance at European level. This vision is based on several priority axes such as institutional development, promotion of links with the business environment, development of the relation with the students, research and the process of internationalisation.

Professor Alina Bârgăoanu, Ph.D.

University President