Message for Erasmus+ incoming students

As a follow up of the outbreak of Covid-19 in Romania, we would like to ask you to follow the recommendations of WHO and national authorities and stay at home in the next following days until further notice.

We are very much aware that Erasmus+ means traveling and getting to meet many people and that this situation has a significant impact on your exchange, but please be aware that this is an extraordinary situation and that it requires exceptional measures. In case travel is absolutely necessary please let us know about this, by sending an email to your exchange coordinator.

We also remind you to call the national emergency number (112) when facing symptoms of a respiratory disease (fever, caught, raining nose etc.) rather than going directly to the hospital. In the following days new measures are expected to be taken and we’ll keep you noticed. We also remind you to let us know if you experience health problems by reaching us by email.

Please, have in mind that starting next week the classes will be held online using the e-learning platforms of each faculty.

Keep in touch with the Erasmus+ team!