SNSPA offers numerous study programmes, at all levels and types of academic education, the entire structure of the study programmes being compatible with the Bologna Process.

 30A Expoziţiei Bvd, District 1, Bucharest | Website: administratiepublica.eu | Email: teodora.bitoiu@snspa.ro

Professionalism, Innovation and Talent are the three key words that characterise the Faculty of Public Administration (FPA), an active faculty, which prides itself on the more than two decades of academic experience and research in governance studies and thousands of graduates dedicated to the public services for citizens. It is a faculty where each student becomes a dynamic member of a community that values competition but believes in team work. The main objective of the faculty is to train present and future public officials in central and local public administration. Our professors and associate professors make a major contribution to conducting scientific research and studies in the field of public and private administration, cooperating with similar national and international organisations.


30A Expoziţiei Bvd, District 1, Bucharest | Website: comunicare.ro |Email: erasmus@comunicare.ro

The Faculty of Communication and Public Relations (FCPR) is a dynamic institution that has affirmed itself as a prestigious school of communication. FCPR encourages and supports academic excellence in the field of communication and public relations, both through study programmes and research activities in these areas.

The Faculty promotes cooperation initiatives with communication and advertising organisations, conducts joint research projects and doctoral and master’s degree programmes with renowned universities abroad, which increases the FCPR’s prestige and visibility in the academic circles and within the relevant industry.

The faculty’s ongoing efforts focus on developing high quality study programmes, in which creative and innovative teaching methods are used to the students’ benefit.


30A Expoziţiei Bvd, District 1, Bucharest | Website: facultateademanagement.ro | Email: edu@facultateademanagement.ro

The Faculty of Management, the youngest structure within SNSPA, undertakes the role of training young people who wish to build a career in the management layers of organisations, in the business and management practice and consultancy. The experience that teachers bring to class is not only that of excellent academics, but also that of professionals who are in permanent contact with the business environment, as practitioners or trainers.

The knowledge and skills necessary for the rapid professional development of the faculty graduates are provided not only during courses and official internships, but also through dynamic student projects, quite unusual ones for the Romanian academic environment. The academic activity and the wide-scope projects conducted by the faculty and its students are endorsed bY the business environment through partnerships with the faculty.


30A Expoziţiei Bvd, District 1, Bucharest | Website: politice.ro | Email: monica.stroe@politice.ro

The Faculty of Political Sciences is one of the largest faculties of political sciences in Romania. Through the study programmes and the research activity conducted here, the Faculty of Political Sciences intends to develop the political science discipline and other related disciplines and also to promote the democratic and civic values of the Romanian society.

The academic staff of the Faculty has multi-disciplinary expertise, thus ensuring high quality support for the study programmes. The graduates of the Faculty of Political Sciences are appreciated for their solid training and their professional and social skills and currently work both in-country and abroad.


30A Expoziţiei Bvd, District 1, Bucharest | Website: dri.snspa.ro | Email: anamaria.costea@dri.snspa.ro

The Department of International Relations and European Integration (DIREI) is the founding domain of the National University of Political Studies and Public Administration. DIREI was designed to ensure a close link between the theoretical and the practical training in the area of foreign policy, security or defence policy, and to develop solutions capable of creating the connection between the academic and the expertise areas. DIREI organises master’s degree programmes in the field of international relations, diplomacy, security studies and European studies, that enable employment in various domains both in the public and the private sectors. The teaching staff of DIREI has a rich expertise in the field of foreign relations, diplomacy, national security institutions, international nongovernmental organisations, their expertise emerging from them being renowned practitioners or personalities in the Romanian and European public life.